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What makes a shutter a Weaver Quality Shutter?

Attention to Detail and Design

People choose shutters to enhance their windows and complement their decor.  But all shutters are not created equal.  For example, we use subtle offset rails to add a graceful, more refined dimension to shutter construction.  Delicate beaded stiles give your shutters a finer, less bulky look than ordinary shutters.  And, our elliptical louvers taper gently to the edges, much better than the flat board look.  You'll never find heavy frames or panels in a Weaver shutter.  Our customers compliment us on our beautiful flush frames, part of the most stylishly refined shutter system in Arizona.

Superb Brush-Textured Finish

Did you know that Weaver is famous in the industry for having improved on the old sandblast finish with a new, softer brush-textured finish?   Combining a textured look with a smoother feel, this subtle finish eliminates deep pitting and dust buildup commonly associated with a sandblast finish.  In fact, when discriminating customers ask for "those beautiful soft-textured shutters," other shutter companies refer them to Weaver Quality Shutters.

Environmentally Conscious Company

Because we care about our environment, we once again led our local industry in pollution reduction by voluntarily reducing volatile emissions during our spray finishing operation, earning Weaver Quality Shutters the APPLE Award (Arizona Pollution Prevention Leadership Enhancement) in 1994.

Exceptional Warranty

What good is a warranty if your shutter company goes out of business before your warranty runs out?  Many shutter companies in Arizona won't stay in business long enough to make good on their warranties.  In fact, since 1980 over half of Arizona shutter companies have closed up shop.  Weaver Quality Shutters is proud to be one of the few to have successfully stood the test of time.  With Weaver's long history of success, you can be confident that we will continue to service your warranty and future needs.

Customizing Choices

Weaver Quality Shutters are available with many customizing options, such as Louver Size, different Mounting Styles, Custom Matched Colors, Divider Rails and special options for your Arched or Decorative Windows. (click on any of the underlined choices for more information)

Quality Features

Take a look behind the scenes at some of the things you can't see, but could hurt you. It deals with Quality In The Making.



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