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Shutter Mount Choices

Mounts - There are four ways to do it and pros and cons for each.

Another choice you will be faced with is how you would like your custom wood shutters mounted. The more you know about your options beforehand, the wiser your choice.

Four basic choices await you (and each is available in a square or rounded frame):

surface mount shutter Surface or wall mounted shutters consist of a frame at least 2 inches deep that attaches to the wall outside the window opening. Surface mounting works on almost any window, and displays more wood framing than flush mounting. The panels are slightly wider and allow more light to enter.

Surface mounting is far and away the best and least expensive method for mounting shutters on arched windows because arches are rarely "true".


flush mount shutter Flush mounted shutters are mounted within the window opening with a molding extending out onto the wall around the window.

Flush mounting requires "true" (straight) window openings and adequate depth in the opening for the louvers to open and close.

It lets in slightly less light than surface mounted shutters since the height and width of the panels are within the window opening.


recessed mount shutters Recessed mounted shutters also require adequate depth because they attach completely inside the window opening, and are most commonly used for passthroughs and for window seats with exceptionally deep sills.

Important: If you have removable windows, and are considering either flush or recessed mountings, discuss with your representative whether there is enough wall-to-window depth to allow window or screen removal.



Overmolding mounted shutters fit over existing molding like that commonly found around arcadia doors. It resembles a surface mount, but slightly reduces the overall shutter size by allowing for a portion of the frame to fit over the molding.

French Doors use a special molding, which mounts directly on the door.


More Choices:  Louver Size, Custom Matched Colors, Divider Rails and Arched or Decorative Windows.


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