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Decorative Windows
you have some very nice choices to make.


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Custom window shutters will only enhance your decoratively shaped openings by highlighting - and beautifying - their singular shapes.

No matter how imaginative your architect was, no matter how unique your decorative windows and doors, chances are they can be made even more attractive by the addition of custom-made wood shutters.



Arch Treatments:

Nothing matches custom wood shutters in beautifying arched windows or doors. Which type you select will depend on your personal choice. But, because arches rarely prove "true", we highly recommend a surface mounting for them.

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Full Arch Panels

Arch Panels are one very popular way to enhance the beauty of your arched windows. They maintain the vertical line of the window from top to bottom, with horizontal louvers continuing through the arched portion of the window. This design provides for maximum light control.




sunburst.jpg (12151 bytes)Sunbursts Arches

Sunbursts - often called fan tops - are another immensely popular way to treat arched windows. They are available in both framed and frameless varieties. Framed or frameless, there are two hallmarks of a top quality sunburst:

The sunburst louvers should lie absolutely flat and interlock. This makes light control almost effortless.

The sunburst should be easily removable to make window cleaning simple.



More Choices:  Louver Size, different Mounting Styles, Custom Matched Colors, Divider Rails


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